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  1. Misfits shirt
    UO skirt
    Black Tights
    Combat boots
    My awesome satchel

    Do I have nothing good left to say?

    Do I need whiskey to start fueling my complaints?

    People love to drink their troubles away.

    Sometimes I feel that id be better off that way.

    'Cause maybe then I could sleep at night.

    I wouldn’t lay awake until the morning light.

    This is something that I’ll never control.

    My nerves will be the death of me, I know

    I know, I know

    So heres to living life miserable

    And heres to all the lonely stories that I’ve told,

    Maybe drinking wine would validate my sorrow.

    Every man needs a muse and mine could be the bottle

    City and Colour- The Death Of Me.

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